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Increase Sperm Volume with Semenax

Have you ever wondered how those male porn stars keep up rock hard erections and blast out large ejaculations?  These guys rely upon ejaculation enhancers in order to give a good performance.  However, you don’t have to be a porn star in order to increase your performance! 

Semenax Ejaculation Enhancer has a lot of great recommendations from top male stars in the adult industry.  You shouldn’t just take their word for it though.  The way Semenax works is very simple yet effective.  Using a completely natural and organic basis, the dual combination system first takes care of your body’s nutritional requirements.  Once your body is healthy, Semenax starts to increase the amount of sperm production. 

With proper use, Semenax can increase the volume of your ejaculations by 500%! 

What will really surprise you is how much your ejaculations will increase after just the first dosage.  Right from the beginning, your sex life will get a new spark and your engine will really be running.

Which Ejaculation Pill Should I Use?

What makes Semenax different from the other ejaculation enhancement pills is the dual system.  When you take Semenax, your body is getting the nutrients important to sperm productions.  At the same time, targeted nutrients are increasing the amount of sperm production and blood flow to your penis.  In general, other pills will increase you ejaculations by about a teaspoon of semen.  This is hardly a noticeable difference!

Semenax isn’t about just increasing the amount of fluid though you can expect about five times larger ejaculations.  The goal of Semenax is to make your orgasms shoot further and last longer.

Also, healthy, sperm-producing glands will naturally increase the size of your erections and their hardness.

What are the Benefits of Semenax?

Are there any Risks?

Just about every man would say he wants stronger erections, a larger penis and bigger ejaculations.  However, most men aren’t willing to risk their health by taking products which haven’t been tested.  You shouldn’t take risks either! Also you can click on to learn more

Semenax did a lot of research on existing enhancement pills along with unique research by expert scientists.  By using quality ingredients that are targeted for the sexual glands, Semenax gets these results:

  • Ejaculations which are around five times larger in volume
  • Stronger ejaculations which last much longer and shoot further
  • Harder erections that stay solid for longer periods of time
  • Increased potency and stamina

Because Semenax is completely natural and contains no synthetic ingredients, you can safely use these pills to increase ejaculations. It is so safe that you don’t even need a prescription to use it.

What is the Cost of Semenax?

We all know that you get what you pay for.  That is one of the reasons that Semenax isn’t cheap- because it really gets results by using only quality, natural ingredients.  In addition to the Semenax pills, you also get a lot of extras included in the starting price of $68.95

Keep in mind, there is NO shipping and handling fee!  Here is what is included in the package:

  • Semenax Essential Nutrient Pills
  • DVD “Ejaculation Control” by Penis Health
  • One free box of Male Extra pills
  • DVD guide to giving sensual massages
  • “Real Sex for Real People” DVD
  • Access to the site LoveCentria
  • With the one year package, you also get a free box of Semenax pills

Also included in the price is the amazing support team at Semenax.  You can call 24/7 to ask questions.  The staff is comprised of trained medical advisors and will be able to help you.  If you don’t want to call, you can also contact the Semenax staff by email or their ticketing system.  You will get a personalized answer within 48 hours which will include any relevant medical research to support their answers.

If you still aren’t sure about Semenax, you can take advantage of the full 6 month warranty.  It is unlikely that you will need a warranty this long because most people see results within the first week.  By six months, you will have achieved porn star like results!

There are a lot of ejaculation enhancers on the market.  However, Semenax hands down wins in all categories.  The best thing about Semenax is that there is absolutely no risk because it is completely natural. 

The ingredients simply harness your body’s natural powers by providing essential nutrients and increasing production of semen

After just a week, you can expect a drastic increase in the volume of your ejaculations.  As said before, it isn’t just about quantity but quality ejaculations. 

Both you and your partner will be happier with a harder penis which stays erect longer, finishing with large orgasms as evidence to your success with Semenax

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