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The Truth about Male Enhancement Pills and What They Can Do for You?

There are a lot of different male enhancement pills being sold today.  The basic idea behind most of these pills is that they use natural ingredients to stimulate blood flow to your penis.  The extra blood pumping causes your penis to expand and become harder when erect. 

Here, I will look deeper into how exactly these male enhancement pills work.

Will Male Enhancement Pills add Penis Length?

Every body is different and will respond differently to treatment.  Even if your friend had success with one enhancement pill, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.  Many of these pills contain experimental ingredients without any proven results – they work sometimes and other times don’t. 

So, how do you know which enhancement pill is good for you?  Don’t just start taking pills and switching until you find one that works!  This is a waste of your money. 

I have made a thorough examination of the major male enhancements pills on the market and picked the one which works for most males.

Before you read my recommendation, there are some things you should know about enhancement pills before you start taking them - find out more

Will Male Enhancement Pills Make Your Penis Bigger?

You need to realize that the enlargement by taking male enhancement pills is temporary, not permanent.  When you take the pills, you are increasing the amount of blood to your penis.  This makes your penis larger only while stimulated.  Also, it will cause your erections to be harder and to last longer.

If you want to increase the actual size of your penis, you need to use a penis traction device or other program for exercising the penis.  These work by applying a constant light stretch on your penis.  As your cells get stretched out, the gaps are filled with new cells thus adding girth and length.  This is similar to how your muscles grow from working out.  Because this process can be uncomfortable, many men choose a temporary solution and use enhancement pills. 

To get the best results, you have to combine male enhancement pills with a traction device. 

Ask yourself this: Do you want a permanently larger penis or do you want to remain large and erect for longer time periods?  The answer to this question will determine what pills are best for you.

Types of Penis Pills:

  • Male Enhancement Pills: These pills increase the blood flow to your penis.  Since blood flowing to your chamber is what makes your penis hard, you can expect a much harder erection.  Also, the excess blood has the effect of making your penis swell and become temporarily larger.
  • Penis Enlargement Pills: These pills target the cells in the penis’s chambers.  They stimulate the production of new cells and the growth of the chambers.  Larger chambers means that more blood can be pumped into the penis.  The result is a much larger erection.  Again, keep in mind that the results are only during erection.

The difference between these options is whether you want big erections or longer, harder erections.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Male enhancement pills are considered supplements because they add nutrients to your body.  Your body is already capable of achieving an erection but the supplement adds to this.  In this case, the nutrients come from an herbal blend which increases blood flow just in the targeted area. 

The Copora Cavernosa is that chamber where blood goes during an erection.  The enhancement pills cause this chamber to expand and allow for more blood to enter.  As a result, you will have a larger and harder penis during erection.  Read Extenze Review for more information – these capsules also increase your potency and also stimulate a desire for sex.

You will need to take three male enhancement pills a day to get the best results.  If you desire a larger penis and fast, then you will need to combine enhancement supplements to your penis enlargement program.  Unlike other herbs which increase blood circulation throughout your body, penis enhancement pills target one specific area of your body.

What Male Enhancement Pills WONT Achieve?

Again: Enhancement pills will NOT give you permanent penis enlargement!

I recommend using supplements for short term results or combined with a penis extending device.  Think of penis enlargement just like a muscle workout.  When you are training in the gym, you would take protein and other supplements to help your body grow. 

Male enhancement pills are not necessary but will help you get maximum penis enlargment results in the shortest time frame.


We would all like a larger penis.  However, most men are mainly concerned with penis size when it comes to their sex lives.  Thus, it isn’t really important to have a permanently larger penis and instead just increase the size during erection. 

Extenze male enhancement pills are a great solution for those men wishing to improve the size and quality of their erections without using an enlargement device. 

However, keep in mind that you will need to continuously take the enhancement pills in order to keep up those amazing erections. 

Instead, it is best to combine penis supplements with a penis traction device.  This way, you will have maximum results and the confidence to drop your pants!


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